Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter in Ohio

I will be driving to Cleveland later today where I expect to see at least a foot of snow. We don't have that much in our yard, but we've got plenty. Here, look:

This is one of the holly bushes with a snow cap:

And here is an iced-over landscape light. It looks much better at night when it's lit:

This just a bit of the deer tracks that are criss-crossed all over this neighborhood. Now we can see where they run at night when we aren't looking:

And this is an interesting snow pattern stacked on top of a piece of iron lawn furniture:

We aren't at the lake house this weekend, but we were there for New Year's Eve. There was a little snow on the ground then and plenty of ice—you can watch it creep across the surface of the lake as the temperature drops. This is a little video I shot from the dock to show how quiet and still the place is in winter. In some ways, I actually prefer the place in winter than in summer. It's more of a hideout.


dive said...

In fact too cool for me, Robyn. Brr!
The video tells me it is currently unavailable (drat), but it looks too chilly to watch, especially with the snow coming down outside my own window.
Here's to warmer weather!

Alifan said...

Well Robyn you certainly have more snow than us where you live, suppose we are just not used to it nowadays, although when I was young the winters were much worse than now, but the farmers always helped clear the roads, and we always managed to get to school even though it was freezing when we got there..nowadays any excuse for not opening roads and schools .. but we seem to moan a lot over here about everything, and mainly because we find that the rulers of this country think so differently than the ordinary folk, nowadays it is those that have never bothered to work get more than us lot who paid our way, the government shut all the firms and railways down, and now wonder why there are no jobs,,,,

I did suggest that all the able bodied folk who were receiving hand outs could get the pavements gritted, but that is against health and safety!!!

Oh dear sound a bit like Dive whoops....