Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Easier Ravioli

After all of my experimenting with ravioli making from scratch, I finally bought a ravioli form. I found this at Williams-Sonoma, and it saves so much time.

I used the pasta recipe that came with the form but used my KitchenAid press to make the sheets of pasta.

Then I used the new press to shape the sheets into raviolis. I filled the indentations with a ricotta/garlic/Parmesan mixture and covered it with another sheet of pasta. The shortcut comes when you use a rolling pin to press the two sheets together and cut it all into a dozen individual raviolis.

Yay. But here's what I have decided—if all you're going to do with ravioli is fill it with plain old cheese, then you might as well buy the stuff at the grocery store. What making your own ravioli gives you is the freedom to be creative and make what you can't buy—butternut squash filled or sausage and fennel filled or spinach and feta filled. If Husband liked mushrooms, I would make a mountain of assorted mushroom raviolis, but he doesn't, so I'll have to stick with the other great fillings, and they are great.

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dive said...

Yay, fun!
Those look delicious, Robyn, but yes, they would be even better stuffed with wild mushrooms.