Friday, March 05, 2010

Art Day

Today's gallery will be in two parts—free-form flowers and New York, although they could both be under the general category of spring, as in spring is coming.

Part 1: Earlier in the week, I tried painting flowers that I had drawn based on photographs. My hope was to end up with a painting that looked like identifiable flowers likes poppies and orchids. I wasn't wild about the finished results and felt a little constrained, so I decided just to wing it.

On 9x12 paper, I let the brushes find their way, and I used a straw to blow the pooled paint "outside of the lines," you might say. The first one is a collection of three flowers. I don't know what kind of flower these might be, but I think they don't have to be of any existing type. If Dr. Seuss can create foliage, so can I:

This is a single flower—funny how I feel the need to make that clear—and I think it could easily be a rose. I really like how the colors naturally bleed into each other—if you lay down the red first and then add the stem while the flower is still wet, the green will blend naturally into the petals:

Part 2: Husband had planned a business trip to New York City for next week, and since that coincides with Eustacia's spring break, we're all going, all but No. 1 who is still in California. While Husband is spending the day at a business thing, Eustacia and I will roam even if there is a foot of snow on the ground. We can stroll the avenue, Fifth Avenue, and the photographers will snap us, and we'll find that we're in the rotogravure.

Then we'll meet up with Husband in the evenings for dinner and a show. So far, the only thing officially on the schedule is The Miracle Worker with Abigail Breslin. I would also like to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and tour the UN building.

Our hotel is on Times Square, so here is my image of that part of town, chock full of people crammed all in a bunch and surrounded by noise and lights and gimmicky stores like Hersheys and M&Ms. I'm not a big fan of Times Square, but it will be a reasonable starting point for going to other places:

And in the interest of the coming spring, this is my version of the skyline as seen from Central Park. Our last visit to New York was a summer one, and we spent some time strolling through the park. It was a highlight of that trip, I think:


dive said...

Oooh, wonderful stuff, Robyn. You really are getting adventurous.
The leaky flowers are great, as is Central Park, but I really love the third one! Awesome colours.
Yay, you!

MmeBenaut said...

Wow Robyn, your water colours are coming along beautifully!

The first one: definitely water lillies, add some blue at the bottom and there will be no doubt at all.

The second one: Yes, a rose. I love the soft colours in the background too.

Your NY skyline scene is fantastic.

I know you'll have a wonderful time in NY and I can recommend the Met. I spent about 3 hours there.

Madame DeFarge said...

Love the second one, that's the fsvourite so far.