Friday, March 12, 2010

Art Day—New York Version

I haven't had time to paint anything fresh this week, but I did find some time to play on the computer. It's been quite awhile since I've done any work in Photoshop, and I'm probably rusty with the more complicated tasks. Adding photos to paintings came back pretty quickly though, like riding a bike.

Last week, I gave you this water color impression of Times Square, a part of the city that is caustic to my delicate sensitivities—lots of flashing lights night and day and constant noise, not to mention the people. Oh, the people.

This week, I give you this:

It's a combination of the original painting blended with five photos I took while walking around Times Square. The area really wasn't as bad as I remembered, at least not during the day when the crowds are thinner than in the evenings. The half-price ticket booth is a wedge building with steps on the roof where you can sit with a cup of tea from Jamba Juice and take it all in. While Eustacia and I were doing just that, a wedding party pulled up and had their photos taken right there on the square. It was quite a spectacle.


dive said...

That is totally awesome, Robyn! And great fun, too … I love the bottom-right corner.
You were always a Photoshop Queen but marrying those skills to your paintings is a great idea.

savannah said...

as the resident techno dummy, i have to ask the obvious....can image that be printed out? it looks fantastic! xoxox

Shan said...

I LOVE it Robyn! What a great way to combine your skills!! Wonderful.

That Adam's Family musical(?) sounds really cute. Bebe and Nathan are perfect sounding for it!! One of the two times I went to NYC I saw Bebe in Damn Yankees and really enjoyed her. :)

Scout said...

Thanks, Dive. I never thought of myself as a queen of anything before. I like it.

Savannah, I scanned in the painting and then used a computer to do the rest, so it's now a printable file. In fact, I just printed it out 5x7, and my daughter is going to hang it in her dorm room.

Shan, I have never seen Damn Yankees. We also saw The Miracle Worker, a magnificent play.

MmeBenaut said...

Dive's right; that IS awesome. Gives me some idea why people rave about photoshop! There's nothing so wonderful than creating one's own original though, is there. I'd have it blown up and put onto canvas, framed and hung in your living room the moment you get home.

MmeBenaut said...

Hee hee, I just read your reply; good to see it is going to a good home.