Friday, April 02, 2010

Art Day

This week, I'm in lake mode, so I decided to work blind and create some images that remind me of the view from my lake house. By "work blind," I mean I tried not to look at specific photos because that never works for me. I get stuck in trying to recreate what I see externally instead of what I see internally. Sound fishy? Well, I have quite an imagination.

I decided to work on a tree line along the inlet where the water is decidedly green. Things got out of hand, and this is what happened. What the....? I think I like the mottled leaf texture, though.

So, I tried again with fewer trees and fewer leaves:

And then I got crazy with the water and made this soupy mess. At first, I thought it was a disaster, but the more I look at it, the more I like it, especially from a distance:

This is an experiment in texture—mottled trees, flowing water, wispy grass. I call it a river. What do you call it?

And finally, I had some time to play with mixing paintings with photos, so I blended a weird rose from a few weeks ago (left) with a photo of a rose and a separate photo of sky, and this is the result (right). I really like blending the two mediums.

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dive said...

The fun of letting things run.
I do like this new style, Robyn.