Thursday, April 01, 2010

My Kitchen Junk Drawer

Every now and then I take a peek at 1000 Awesome Things, a sweet blog that champions awesome but simple things, like laughing until you cry, finding money in your pocket or watching a movie in the basement with your friends. A few days ago, the site paid tribute to junk drawers, and I was reminded that I have not just one junk drawer but several. In fact, open any drawer in my house, and you're likely to find junk, just stuff no one wants to throw away. I am not a hoarder, but you really do never know when you'll need something.

So, I show you the main junk drawer in my kitchen. Just on the surface without digging around to see what might be rolling around on the bottom of this thing, here is a list of what I see:

• lint removers (2)
• an empty box from a cat pheromone dispenser
• a Cubs baseball
• paint brushes
• a label maker
• decks of cards (at least 2)
• an old wallet
• a roll of packing tape
• two books about frogs, one in English and one in Portuguese
• a Chinese yuan
• a stapler
• a mouth piece brush
• a clay oil lamp from Jerusalem
• scissors
• iPod earbuds
• old photos
• a pair of riding goggles from when I used to ride a scooter
• a Lion King Christmas ornament with a broken leg

To be honest, I had to pick up a stack of paint samples from Lowes and a pad of paper to see this stuff. So, fess up. How many junk drawers do you have, and what sort of crap do you keep stored away in them?


savannah said...

it depends on how y'all define junk, sugar! (more than i'll admit to in public, that's for sure!) xoxoxox

dive said...

That looks pretty much like my own kitchen junk drawer, Robyn.

Scout said...

Dive, yesterday Eustacia pointed out that I had typed "drunk drawer" in this post, and no one caught it. I fixed it before you got here. hee hee I think I should have left it in because "drunk drawer" makes sense when you look at the photo, don't you think?

And Savannah, yes, one person's junk is another person's treasure.

dive said...

Hee hee!

katydidnot said...

I have two.



I have six junk drawers.

And a junk closet.

And a garage which serves approximately the same purpose for things that a) are too large for a drawer, b) are only used twice a year, or c) are too tight for me to actually, like, wear, but that I'm not willing to send to Good Will. Yet.