Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Shots from the Lake House

The closing on the lake house is any day now—it was supposed to be this morning, but it's been postponed. As a pictorial tribute to the place, here are some random things that used to be scattered around.

First, this is a closeup of a bamboo thing that stood in the corner. It's over six feet tall and constructed of bamboo sticks tied in the middle so that it stands like a tee-pee, and it has random sticks perched in the center. It doesn't fit the mood of my house in Small Town, so a good friend has offered to give it a home. She loves it.

There is a sort of mantel at the house that looks as if it should have a fireplace beneath it, although it doesn't. This is what I had on this mantel, paper flowers and tiny chairs.

And I had this one-legged bird on a bookshelf.

And this clay lantern that was a gift from a sister.

I like random kitchen decorations, particularly chickens, so these were hidden above the cabinets. Because the walls don't extend to the ceilings, you could see these chickens from across the street.

And this little guy, a candle-holding frog, fit nicely on a nail left by the previous owners. I wonder what the new owners will hang on that nail.


dive said...

What an awesome collection of oddities, Robyn. I particularly love the one-legged bird and the tiny chairs. Great fun! I hope all these things find new places to live in your main house.

Alifan said...

Great little bits and pieces Robyn, I like the frog!

MmeBenaut said...

So sad in some ways when one sells up and moves on but these little treasures of yours will find good homes, i have no doubt about that.

PF said...

I don't remember seeing the candle-holding frog, but I really like him!