Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What's Going On In Small Town Today, You Ask?

Spring is going on. Take a look:

First, here is the view from my driveway after a remarkable snow storm:

Now, here is the same view from this morning.

Here is my mailbox after that same snow storm and a few passes by an angry snow plow:

And here is my mailbox and the surrounding blooming foliage this morning.

"It's a blue-butterfly day here in spring"—the birds are singing, the grass is green and the breeze is a warm one.


kyle@sift said...
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dive said...

Yay, Spring!
I love that cute little umbrella-shaped tree, Robyn.

Shan said...

Ah yeah, that's more like it! I think I feel a few blooms inside my dormant brain as well. We humans need sunshine! :)

MmeBenaut said...

Wow Robyn. Apart from being such a beautiful part of the world, the contrast is amazing. As we are gearng up for winter, I walked (and worked) in our garden today. We still have green everywhere but the leaves are turning and beginning to fall. I think I might come to your place for summer :)