Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I've Been Tagged

Blogville hasn't had a good meme in a long time, but Savannah has tagged me in a new one. Here goes:

1. Do you believe in ghosts? Nope, although I remember walking through a house in which two elderly people had died. A realtor was showing us the place, and on the way down the stairs, I felt such a chill and such a sense of dread, I had to hurry for the door. It was probably self-inflicted fear.

2. Are you content with your life? I suppose. I wish I had more formal education, and I'd like to be writing more, but other than that...

3. Have you ever been close to point blank? I'm not sure what this means. Death? If that's it, then no.

4. Is philosophy necessary? It is absolutely necessary. It's the love of wisdom, as Savannah pointed out, and it drives us to live above the animals and to think deeper.

5. Do you live with books? Yes, I live with books on every table. And I live BY books as well—Husband is a publisher, and his books pay the bills.

6. Have you ever been on stage? I'm on stage with the orchestra five or six times a year, and then another five or six times a year with the summer band.

7. Do you regularly read a printed newspaper? I do! And if you don't, you're the reason people like me earn a mere pittance. Subscribe, dammit!

8. Are you afraid of the future? No.

9. Do you know yourself? i know enough to know that i'm always changing and hopefully, for the better.—stolen from Savannah.

10. Will you play on? Yes, here I go.

Now, for the new questions added by Savannah.


1. is there one book that you reread with some sort of regularity? (every 2 years, once a decade sort of thing) and if so, why? I read Tess of the D'urbervilles pretty regularly, and The Grapes of Wrath.

2. do you still watch cartoons? I LOVE Pixar short films. Those are cartoons, right? And when I stumble on a Bugs Bunny cartoon, I'm all ears (sorry, I just kill myself)

3. what's the one thing you can't imagine living without on a daily basis? My laptop.

4. take out/take away or home cooking more than three times a week? Home cooking most of the time, usually give times a week.

5. which is your most favorite room in your home? I like my living room—it's got a big, comfortable couch, my computer, a decent TV, and a table for eating. all it needs is a bathroom.

6. are you currently following/regularly watching a tv series? which one and why? I was addicted to Lost because the writers wove a captivating tale, even if some of the episodes nearly lost me. And I'm re-watching West Wing start to finish. We've got one more season to finish. "Martin Sheen is my president" would make a good bumper sticker, I think.

7. have you seen the player? No.

8. other than your blog, do you keep a personal journal? No, although my column sort of serves the purpose, documenting the subjects that are important to me at any given moment.

9. do you have a favorite movie quote that you routinely use? "Away from the things of man" from Joe vs. The Volcano.

10. will you tag 6 bloggers or will you leave this open ended and accept answers in comments? I don't think I have 6 blogger followers left, so I'll just leave it open ended.


savannah said...

well done, sugar! i'm so glad y'all decided to play. btw, joe vs the volcano is one of my all time favorite movies! take me to the volcano! xoxoxoo

dive said...

Oh, Robyn! This is too much fun.
Thank you, Savannah for tagging Robyn on this one.

Some wonderful answers, of course, and yes I laughed coffee out my nose at your Bugs Bunny joke. Hee hee.

Madame DeFarge said...

Glad you did this one. I'm always interested to hear more about the people behind the blog, so these answers are a real treat to the likes of me.

MmeBenaut said...

We're a lot alike, Robyn. My room sounds like your room but I have a bathroom close by :)