Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to Blogville, Child of Mine

No. 1 is a knitter, but not just any knitter. She's an extraordinary knitter and makes beautiful things. She's also learning to spin and dye fiber and design her own patterns.

She just started her own blog you can read here——although she says people mostly want to look at pictures when they "read" blogs, so she'll be posting lots of those. Go say "hi" to No. 1 and make her feel welcome. And be amazed at what she knits.


Alifan said...

Hi Robyn tried to get comment on your lovely daughter's blog, but at the moment will not let me, however, what a talent, takes after her Mum.

dive said...

Wow, Robyn! Your talents seem to be genetic.
Welcome to blogville, k!

MmeBenaut said...

Isn't she gorgeous? You must be so proud of her. I'll pop on over to her blog asap.

knitosaurus said...

thanks for the welcome. although my blog was not ready to be revealed to the world so soon!!