Friday, October 01, 2010

Feeling Under the Weather

I've been feeling under the weather for a couple of days, although I'm not sure of the nature of that phrase. I know it means I don't feel 100 percent, but I don't know why it means that.

I can usually feel this coming on a day in advance—my head hurts, my throat is scratchy, I'm exhausted and my skin is sensitive. I let myself fall into bed the other night with the last ounce of energy I could muster, and I said, "Tomorrow I'm going to have bronchitis," because that's how it works. But the next day I didn't have bronchitis. I just had more of the same, only I felt even more tired, and I could tell my kick-ass immune system was doing its job. I had a slight fever, which I fought like a champion, but none of the other symptoms got any worse.

After a brief whine on Facebook, a bunch of people suggested I try a neti pot. It cleans the sinus cavities without medication and makes life grand, so they suggested. I have to say I've never heard of a neti pot, but after my niece described it as effective but gross, I wasn't keen on going out to find one in Small Town.

I decided to ignore the creeping illness instead and go about today's activity as if I was above the weather or right in line with it, or whatever, volunteering at the local food bank and interviewing its board members for a newspaper story. But ten minutes into the thing, and I had to beg off and go home. I sat still and knitted and watched movies all day, and still I'm in a fog, so maybe this neti pot is worth trying, I decided. I decided that until I saw this video. No thank you, dear Facebook friends and family. I will not be using this. Although I may use some of that whiskey for a toddy. You'll see what I mean after you watch this.


savannah said...

*ignoring the neti pot because i KNOW how gross it is*

i hate to be the spoilsport, but have you seen a doctor, sugarpie? after a trip anywhere and illness strikes, we never, ever take chances. yeah, i know, i sound like a worrywart mother hen, but...

kyle@sift said...

Under the weather was a nautical phrase...keeping soldiers who were sick below deck...
Feel better...stay off of cruise ships for a bit.

Scout said...

Savannah, a whole went by between the cruise and feeling a little iffy, so I think it's the usual upper respiratory thing. I'm already feeling better.

Thanks, Kyle. That makes sense. I was going to look up the phrase, I decided to let someone else do the work for me.

Madame DeFarge said...

Urgh. Looks gross. Hope you're better now.

Shan said...

ROBYN!! Come on! Try it with your afternoon crumpets! ;)
I'm glad I watched that to see what it's like but he was not the best model for making it seem more tolerable.
At least he didn't follow the coffee up with cream. I don't know. It wasn't really that gross to me but more enlightening as I never realized a nose could do that (even though shameful to admit I've assisted in Rhinoplasty and should nose how a nose is built.)
I still say you should do it next time your head fills up. Mine always goes straight for the chest so I'll not neti my lungs with saline or otherwise!
Hope you are feeling much better already!

dive said...

Robyn: Get well soon.
The neti pot is one 'ancient secret' that should have remained secret. Eww.

Shannon and Paul said...

Rob, I have a neti pot and feel the same way about it. I loathe it. My husband has to cheer me on through the whole thing (which makes him a saint b/c you've seen what it looks like). But after a couple of days of usage, the sinuses stop suffocating your brain and you feel better. Still... I have to talk myself into it.