Monday, January 03, 2011

Packing In Case of Fire

As I may have mentioned, my mother will be moving in with one of my sisters soon, and she'll be leaving behind a house full of stuff. She isn't in a position of having to clear out immediately because we have a plan—we'll leave her house largely intact, and my sister's church will rent it occasionally for missionaries who are home on leave. When missionary families come back to the States after living in another country, they need a place to live for a few months or even a year, and people rent them their furnished houses.

Anyway, we're not scrambling to close the place down right away, but my mother is in the process of choosing what she'll take to fill the rooms at my sister's house. She'll have a bedroom and a sitting room where she can hide out and watch TV or just take a nap, if she wants to get away from the common rooms, and she wants to make those private spaces as much like home s she can.

Here is today's column in Small Town Newspaper in response to that process.


savannah said...

perfect! i know that feeling exactly, but only because i've moved so many times. there are very few things that have made the cut, so to speak, with each move. most of the things in this house are enjoyed by us now, but if gone tomorrow, there would be no tears shed. xoxox

Alifan said...

Another great piece of writing Robyn, I am always trying to de clutter, but somehow all the memories seem to come flooding back and the item stays where it is.

I have just discarded hopefully for recycling, a few years christmas and birthday cards, which have been in the shed for ages, but of course have kept a few of the family ones..oh dear what will the boys keep when I am no longer here, maybe I had better try and weed out a few more things..certainly the charity shops will be having a field day, but they say one mans rubbish will deilght someone else, so here goes..........

Good luck to Mum in her new home.