Monday, January 31, 2011

Who Will Pay for Art

I thought about posting my column here in full, but if I didn't direct you toward my local newspaper's online version of it, then you'd miss out on the delicious comments. So, here is what I've written in today's edition of Small Town Newspaper.


savannah said...

i'm glad you posted the link, sugar! reading the comments was enlightening! keep writing! you know what gets me? i KNEW which examples would be used to support claims of "filth" and yet, i know not one of the posters could name any of the hundreds of exhibits, films, plays, etc that have been funded by the NEA that they've seen and enjoyed! xoxo

dive said...

Sheesh, Robyn!
These people are allowed GUNS?
I'm amazed they're allowed out of the rubber room!

Keep up your good work as the tiny voice of intelligent America.