Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Big Birthday

Husband turned 50 over the weekend, and we did our best to make it a special event. Sometimes in our house, someone will try to get away with having a birthday month instead of a single day, milking the anniversary of their birth for all it's worth. This time around, we allowed a birthday weekend.

For a while there, we talked about celebrating this milestone in Hawaii, but there was no way to get both girls there at the same time. They have different spring break weeks, of course, and neither could miss more than a day or two of school. We tried up until the last minute last week, with the girls and I going back and forth over the options until we finally had to give up. Husband had talked up the idea of taking ballroom dancing lessons once, so I resurrected that idea and decided to give beginner lessons to him as a gift. That idea morphed into having No. 1 and her Boyfriend fly out to join us for a lesson as a gift enhancement, and that was Plan B after Hawaii was shelved. But while video chatting with No. 1, I said, how 'bout you come out this weekend instead and forget the dancing, and the next thing I know, we've got the flights books and a secret plan.

So, on Friday afternoon, I drove up to Cleveland to fetch Eustacia. We had dinner out with Husband and saw a movie (Black Swan, which oh my goodness, was quite a film). Then on Saturday morning, Husband went on to work as is usual. I tidied up the house and twiddled my thumbs tracking the delayed flight of the other child until she and Boyfriend arrived practically on schedule. Our next task was to decide how to inform Husband his first born had come home for his special day, and Boyfriend had the perfect idea. He took photos of her in recognizable settings—outside in the backyard, inside with the cat, inside with the sister—and they texted those photos to Husband at his office. The man was home within 30 minutes, happy as he could be to be surrounded by the brood.

That evening, we went to our favorite special-occasion restaurant (Peter Shears, for those of you in the Canton area), and this is what we looked like afterward:

The next day, I made a Champagne brunch; and later we built a fire in the fireplace, went for a photo-tour of a walking trail in the snow and generally loafed. Then Eustacia went back to school, I went to orchestra rehearsal and everyone else went out to dinner for one more celebration. Now, we're all back in our places and back into our routines, but I think it was a memorable birthday—make that birth-weekend. Happy 50th, Husband of mine.

Note: our first beginner dance lesson will be next Tuesday. Yikes.

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dive said...

Yay! Happy Fiftieth Birthday, Mr.M.
Sounds like a marvellous weekend, Robyn. You and the girls look as beautiful as ever.