Thursday, March 03, 2011


No, we aren't getting a motor home. Let me repeat with all the umph I can muster—we are not getting a motor home. But, I discovered a new website called On-Airstreaming, Music's Shiny New Pet. A Facebook friend posted a song from the site, and I have been exploring the maze of the place ever since.

Independent artists record their songs—seemingly in an Airstream—and post their videos on line. There is an on-line "radio," artist interviews, lots of videos and news updates. On top of it all, the graphics are cool. I notice those things. So far, my favorite artist is young Matt Hires. He's just a nice looking kid who writes and sings and plays—he doesn't spend a few days in an egg or dress like a condom for a Good Morning America interview or announce his new hair cut to his awaiting fans. In fact, GMA might not even bother with him, and I doubt his fans care how he wears his hair. The man even tries his songs out on his wife before he introduces them to the public. Nice, huh? "Honey, let me sing you a song, and listen to my words as they come out wrong."

You won't find Christina Aguilera here, nor Justin Beiber or some overly polished mouthpiece types. And maybe that's why I like the place so much.


dive said...

Hoorah for independent music.
Can you fit your orchestra inside an airstream, Robyn? I want to hear more of your playing (or at the very least a photo of an orchestra jammed inside an airstream should be amusing).

Transport Bulgaria said...

This is great. I will definitely “pay them a visit”. I’m so sick of these so-called stars whose only occupation is to “look good”. Thanks for the article.