Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break Just Goes On and On

In case you were wondering, I am in Berkeley, California having my second spring break of the season with No. 1. When I was a kid in school, or even when I was a college student, spring break was never something to look forward to. We never traveled except to see Alabama family in the summer, and when I had spring break, I had chores. That's not to say I was harnessed like an ox or was never allowed to rest, but I did have to do things like wash windows or clean the closets or some such mundane tasks that meant vacation was no vacation.

But now as an adult, I seem to get several spring breaks, and I don't have to do chores during them. I go places with Eustacia, and I do things with No. 1, and Husband and I pick up and take off on lots of occasions. On this occasion, I am in Berkeley, and No. 1 and I have decided to do home-body type things. I arrived yesterday afternoon, and we bought groceries and made vegetable lasagna at home. We had dinner while watching American Idol and Modern Family, and it was a lovely evening. This morning, we're taking our time around the house, and then we're going to go visit a yarn shop and have lunch at some cute place. There is no shortage of cute places here for lunch.

Tonight, we'll stick around the house again and have sweet potato risotto for dinner, which we will cook ourselves and enjoy while watching a movie or something. And I bet you anything, we'll be knitting with the yarn we buy today. Tomorrow, we'll probably hit another yarn shop and have lunch at another cute place, and I think we're hatching a plan to buy earrings at an art studio. And then on Saturday, we're going on a tour of the Gourmet Ghetto, customized all on our own.

The Gourmet Ghetto is a section of Berkeley that is within walking distance of No. 1's apartment, and it is filled with delightful restaurants and food shops in all price ranges. If you want to visit one of the best restaurants in the country, plan ahead and reserve a spot at Chez Panisse, but if you want something cheaper, pick any one of a number of places nearby. There are organized walking/tasting tours here, but they cost $75 a head and include places we don't want to visit, so we're eliminating those and doing this on our own. It's going to be great.

So anyway, spring break takes on different forms for me, so unlike the breaks I knew in my younger years and so many more times than I knew them. Someday my kids are going to be out of school and won't be offering me these wonderful diversions. They're going to have to give me grandchildren so I can take more trips in the spring, or maybe I can just make up my own trip occasions to make up for all those years I was stuck washing the windows.

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dive said...

Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing break, Robyn.
Not that I'm jealous. Oh, no. Not me.
Enjoy your Berkeley Break.