Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Berkeley For One More Day

I'll be leaving for home tomorrow morning, and here I sit with a full Berkeley day ahead of me. What should one do on such a day, you might ask, with the sun shining and the sky as blue as the bluest sky? Why, sit in the chair and write blabber on a blog, of course.

No, actually, I'll be going out in about an hour to have lunch with No. 1, and since I'll be wearing my walking shoes, who knows where I'll end up. Probably right back here, but you just can't tell. The child will be on campus until late this evening, so the door is wide open.

There are certain things one should do when visiting this part of California—you should visit Telegraph Hill, eat your way through the Gourmet Ghetto, wander the streets of San Francisco and have sour dough bread, visit Alcatraz, spend a few days in Sonoma/Nappa. Well, I have done all of those things, more than once, even, so I don't have an urge to go sight seeing as if I'll never be back again to see the sights. I really just don't mind hanging around.

I have cooked and cleaned. I have worked on a project yet to be revealed to Blogville. I have sort of packed. I have painted a watercolor for No. 1's bathroom wall. I have knitted. So today, I'm OK with just sitting and maybe twirling around in the hammock chair on the balcony, thinking thoughts and dreaming dreams.

While I'm busy doing that, here are a few interesting shots of Berkeley.

A bike rack thoughtfully covered in yarn:

Some writing in the sidewalk:

Some writing ON the sidewalk just around the corner from a lovely yarn shop called A Verb For Keeping Warm:

A very bold and hungry bird:

The salted caramel cupcakes we made for Mother's Day:

Update: In case you were wondering if all I did was sit around inside all day, I didn't. No. 1 called from campus when she was finished with a study thing, and I walked down town to meet her for lunch—great veggie burgers. Then I went with her to buy candy for her students because people need Snickers when they are taking a big hairy chemistry final, and then I went to a coffee shop while she went back to her office. I sat there with my book and iced coffee while being surrounded by Berkeley students all studying for finals, and it was a little weird but interesting. Then I walked all over campus and met No. 1 for a relaxing chat outside the chemistry. And now back home with the cat. It's a lovely day, and I saw some of it.


Madame DeFarge said...

I love the bike rack covered in yarn. Marvellous stuff.

dive said...

So glad you got out and about, Robyn. That yarn-covered bike rack truly is awesome.
Have a safe trip home.

savannah said...

the MITM and i have been discussing the possibility of maybe, perhaps, at some point, moving back to cali...xoxoxox

dive said...

Fewer hurricanes; more earthquakes. Tricky decision, Savannah.

Welcome home, Robyn! Hope you're not too jet-lagged.