Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Last Piece of the Puzzle

More than three months ago, we got the ball rolling on a remodeling project—we decided to recreate our living room. Here is what it looked like last Christmas (the spot on the wall is either a poltergeist or dust on the lense. Which do you prefer?):

We basically altered every surface. We replaced the carpet with hardwood floors; painted the walls a different color; switched out the window shades for wood shutters; replaced the furniture with cozier stuff that has people facing each other instead of sitting all in a line on a long couch; installed surround-sound speakers; replaced the wood mantel with a stacked stone wall; and hung a TV where a print used to be.

The whole thing took nearly three months to complete, and although this may go without saying, we did none of the work ourselves. If we had, we might still be living in rubble. Here is an example of some of that rubble;

and here is what the room looked like for a couple of weeks while the work was being done. I was disturbed and have never seen so much dust in one place in all my life:

We've been in the room for a month now, but just yesterday, the shutter guy installed the last little shutter, and now the project is complete. Here it is, the finished room—we love it:


savannah said...

it's GORGEOUS, sugar! the stacked stone fireplace is perfect for where you are and compliments the window design. you KNOW how much i love shutters as they are in every room here! well done you! xoxoxo

dive said...

Boy howdy, Robyn, that is SUCH an improvement! I agree with every word Savannah says. Fabulous!

Vic said...

That has become a gorgeous room, Scout! Congratulations and best wishes for many warm cosy times there ahead.

Scout said...

Savannah and Dive, I was unsure if the stacked stone would fit the style of the house, but it works. And the shutters do such nice things with light.

Hi Vic. Long time no see.

Shan said...

Oh I love it!!! That just looks completely different and totally fabulous! You must be enjoying it immensely! Be so glad, as I know you are, that you had it done by professionals. That fireplace does not look easy! ;)

Eustacia said...

My strawberry pajamas are in the last picture. hehe