Sunday, May 01, 2011

Puppy Love

So, here's my new thing: I want a dog. It's not such a new thing, actually, because I have always wanted a dog. I have always wanted a house full of mammals, but with the daughters out of the house and the cat population down to one, I've been thinking specifically about a dog.

For a year or two, Husband said that if we didn't have cats, we could get a dog. He wanted one, he said, if it weren't for the stupid cats. Big Mike was the real issue because he wouldn't have handled having a dog move into his territory, unlike Tiger, who I think would make the adjustment and take a nap. Well, it turns out Husband doesn't really want one beyond just saying the words. Dogs are a lot of work, he says, especially puppies, and they can chew up a house and poop in the yard a lot and keep you from going away for the weekend on a whim.

All of those things are true, but I still want a dog. Today, just for the heck of it, we went to Pet Smart because the store was hosting a pet adoption event. We saw big cats and tiny kittens, a whole pack of rescued greyhounds (my dream dog) and then a puppy. The little guy was a boxer mix—rolly polly and brown with a black snout. I picked him up, and he immediately licked my chin and tried to eat my earrings, and I loved him. I really hated to put him down and walk away, but I did it.

Now, I'm at home enjoying the company of my sleeping cat, and I still want a dog. If we can't get one, how about some other kind of furry animals? How about a raccoon like the one I had in high school? Or a wolf? Or maybe a cheetah? I hear they make great house pets.


dive said...

Knit yourself a dog, Robyn. It'll be far less trouble and mess and there are no kennel fees when you go on vacation.

purplemagpiesnest said...

Why not consider adopting an adult dog instead of a puppy? Puppies are cute, but so many adult dogs languish in our shelters because they're not "cute" like a puppy. I have adopted both puppies and adults, and I'd always opt for an older dog. They're much easier to house train (if they aren't potty trained already). If you're not that adventurous to just "pick one" and bring it home, you could get a dog from a local humane society or foster agency, because they'll already have gone through the trouble of assessing the dog's house-training level and how it gets along with other pets. Much easier to get a good fit that way, especially if Husband is reluctant to make the adjustment...

Shan said...

I know I'm late on this subject, but I had to chime in with my recent membership in the Tailwaggers of S.S. baha. I just quit walking the dogs and doing as many adoption events because they changed the rules and I can't bring D-boy with me until he's ten. boo
ANYWAY, I wanted to say that I also love Greyhounds SO much! And whippets. And Italian Greyhounds. They just have the sweetest pointy faces and I love the way they are so lean and whimsically shaped. That being said, I've never had one because they are huge runners and will take off after something that catches their eye so seem tricky to keep in a small yard and a front door that is always flapping with kids in and out.
But, I think you should consider one-yes a greyhound, whippet or IG rescue would be a great place to check. And also I'd recommend fostering a dog to make sure it gets along well with Tiger and hubby too. You can see how much trouble or ease it will be if you foster your choice a while first. Many shelters encourage this. Let us know if you come to a compromise with the man of the house! Check out if you haven't already. :)