Friday, July 15, 2011

Week In Review

Well, I'm not sure how this happened, but another week has gone by without a fresh post. That wasn't intentional. In fact, every day I would wake up, look at this poor blog and think "I should write something here." And then I would click off to some other site and forget to come back.

So, how has this week been for you? Busy? Productive? (which isn't always the same thing as busy) Happy? Sad? Irritable? Giddy? It's been fine for me.

It kicked off with prime seats for an Indians game in Cleveland—three hours in the blazing sun! I did a little cooking but not too much. I spent some time in the pool, but only once was I in the thing long enough to turn into a prune—my friend, Jane, came over, and we drifted around and talked for a long time. I read a little more of The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, although I would have liked some more reading time. I played my horn a little but not nearly enough, and then went to band practice last night where there were only two horns present out of a section of six. That's always a little unsettling, but me and the blond high school kid with the cool shoes did all right for ourselves (I can never remember her name. Starts with an L.) I talked to my mother who moved into an assisted living situation and was relieved to hear her say "I have no complaints." On a couple of occasions, Husband and I sat by the fire pit and stared at the stars while listening to Frank Sinatra. I commandeered the golf cart one evening while Husband was playing nine holes, and I decided I could make a career out of being a golf chauffeur. Is there such a thing, or have I just created a new job in a jobless recovery? I made significant progress in developing a newsletter I'll be producing for the orchestra—time to get to work! A couple of friends came over for lunch one day, and we sat out by the pool and swapped stories. One evening, I met with two women friends, and we sat around sipping margaritas and talked and giggled and even shed a few tears. I designed a T-shirt for the high school marching band and wrote a story for my family website, which you can read here.

And it all culminated with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2. A fellow HP fan and I went to the midnight premiere last night. The film showed in at least three theaters—2D and 3D—and ours (2D) was packed with mostly high school kids but plenty of middle-aged types like ourselves. We had each taken a nap in the afternoon, so we held up pretty well, although this morning, I'm feeling sluggish and will probably doze off at some point today.

So, that's the week in review. This and that here and there. Take a look:

Salmon stuffed with spinach and mascarpone. Yum.


Dementors! Expecto Patronum!

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dive said...

Hee hee! That last photo really made me giggle Robyn.
As usual I have been working hard all week and as usual you have somehow managed to get WAY more done than me.
You youngsters have too much energy!