Monday, August 08, 2011

Happy Blog Birthday!

Hey, its my blog birthday! Happy birthday to Just Sayin’, born mostly of curiosity but long-lived because I can’t figure out how to quit.

On August 6, 2006 I finished reading a couple of blogs I had discovered, and I thought I might like to give this odd hobby a try. It is like a hobby, isn’t it? I mean what else would you call something you do almost every day solely for the purpose of amusement and creativity? Well, sometimes my blog posts are creative, although I’ll admit to writing filler posts like everyone else does from time to time. I remember that Post Something Every Day for the Month of November business (I know that wasn’t the name of it, but it’s all I’ve got on hand), and I posted small watercolor paintings on some days just to participate.

I have incorporated some Photoshop skills in my posts, like the series of cat photos melded with historic imagery, or like the photos of book-mobiles modified to represent far-flung ideas I had for traveling businesses. I’ve written some short fiction, played with some memes, recorded me at the piano, shown paintings I’ve done, shared recipes that I loved and let you see my cats in action (long live Big Mike).

And all the while, people actually read and commented. There was a time when my corner of Blogville was thriving, but then came Facebook, which robbed me of some neighbors. And then came my own malaise when it came to reading other blogs and commenting on other posts, so it serves me right that Just Sayin’ has become strung with cobwebs from neglect.

After five years and over 64,000 hits, I wonder about the end of Just Sayin’. I wonder when I’ll write my final post and what will lead me to decide it will be my last. I have considered ending the thing over the last several months, but then someone new will decide to follow me, or I’ll think of something I’d like to say or show, or I’ll feel inclined to be more neighborly with the remaining bloggers and the new ones who appear.

About those 64,000-plus hits—this seems like a lot to me, but there are blogs that get that much in one day, and it has taken me five whole years to get there. And these days, a lot of those hits are from people from around the world searching on Google for Angela Anaconda or Trail bologna or a recipe for Johnny Marzetti, and they never return. I can only sigh at those hits.

So, Just Sayin’ will continue living in Blogville for now, on the corner of Blah Blah Blah and Scout. Thank you to everyone who has graced my front stoop with your visit.


dive said...

Happy Blog-Birthday, Robyn!
Thank you for five years of wonderful, warm, Blogville good-neighbourliness. The corner of Blah Blah Blah and Scout is one of my favourite places on the planet to hang out, share coffee and just talk and laugh and watch the world go by.
To your list of blog achievements, you must add your fabulous novel and some superb short stories and delicious recipes among many, many other delights.
Here's to the next five years.

Scout said...

Thanks, Dive. And the same to you (I've already said this on your blog. Fences make bad neighbors, I say, and Blogville seems to have very few of them.

savannah said...

happy blog-birthday, sugar! i'm happy i found you, happy you've stayed and very happy to have you as a friend! xoxoxoxoo

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

From someone who knew you way back when and has the same to be or not to be thoughts about blogging, I am glad when I stop by for a peek and find you here.


Scout said...

Hi Savannah. You're one of the few who joined Facebook but didn't abandon your blog. I'm so glad.

Hi Cheri. Long time no see.

anonymous: I enjoyed the atmosphere and the art and great food. Didn't notice if it was the center of the gay community or not.

Shan said...

What a giant piece of work 5 years makes! Congrats on all the blogaliciousness! It has been great fun getting to know you and seeing your life change over the years. You are always inspiring with your many interests and hobbies and a better mother you won't find! I think the blog has been a more than fabulous invention for writers. I have a hard time blogging because I don't really enjoy writing until I'm somewhere in the middle of mine and realize I'm making valuable memories for myself and maybe my kids some days. I hope you keep your blog going here though I know it's more fun when there's more banter about. I still love to visit and see what you're up to. There's nothing quite like my batch of blog friends! :)