Tuesday, August 23, 2011

State of the Art

I was twiddling my thumbs one day when Conductor Eric suggested I might be useful in promoting the Tuscarawas Philharmonic, the local orchestra (its link is in the sidebar). So, I thought about some options and decided what this group needs is a newsletter. I did some digging and discovered it didn't have one, and possibly never had one in its 75 years, although I can't confirm that.

Every organization has a news letter these days because email and websites have made them cheap to produce. You can print them and mail them, but you aren't locked into that format, so why not go all out and keep people posted. I have this idea that connecting with fans and supporters and musicians and board members outside of concert performances might strengthen the sense of community of the group. And talking in detail about what goes on behind the scenes and offering insight into programming and personnel might strengthen the interest of people on the fringes.

I talked to people about the idea and polished up the design and gave it all a name—State of the Art. After a few weeks with no thumb twiddling whatsoever, the first issue was sent out just this past weekend. For now, the plan is to release an issue a week or so before each concert, and we've got six concerts scheduled between now and next June, but we'll have to be flexible there. This sort of thing will evolve as its purpose is refined and as its audience responds.

In the meantime, here you go—

State of the Art Issue One—August 2011

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dive said...

Yay! That's a great newsletter, Robyn. Nice, clear, punchy layouts, excellent writing and some fun touches, too.
So good to see your name as "Editor."
How do we go about subscribing to the newsletter?