Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Searching for An Honest Coffee

In our house, coffee reigns. It must be dark, rich and flavorful—and black. Not brown. Not the color of tea. Not the color of stump water. Black. So, when our coffee maker started disappointing us every morning, and we started drinking the coffee it made purely out of obligation, I decided to take steps to fix the problem.

I bought a Keurig Special Edition and a couple of boxes of the strongest K-cups my grocery store offered–that would be an Italian roast marked "bold." The machine comes with a sample box of cups, so I used one for the test run, and I got what I was afraid I'd get, which is a cup of what looked like coffee but what tasted like hot water. I know someone who drinks a cup of hot water in the evenings, and I'm telling you she would have enjoyed this.

So, for the next cup I used the Italian roast, and it was somewhat better, although when I asked Husband if he liked the coffee, he said, "Is that what that was?" We'll just have to keep trying here, because I know there are lots of K-cup brands out there, and maybe, just maybe there is one that tasted like coffee and not like some weak imitation. If there isn't, then I have spent $149 on something that might prove completely useless in this house, the House of Coffee. It may only be used to make tea or hot chocolate, although why would I add a piece of plastic to the floating island of flotsam in the Pacific for a cup of tea or hot chocolate? I know you're probably thinking, but she's willing to add a piece of plastic to the floating island for a cup of coffee? You bet.* (honestly, I do have a problem with that, and I question a new product that doesn't take waste into consideration, but I got sucked in)

I'm not giving up yet. I'll keep carrying my lantern in daylight in search of an honest coffee.

Well, now, since our house is also the House of Baxter, here is today's shot. He isn't house trained just yet, even though he's on a schedule, and I keep taking him out to his potty spot, we spend a lot of time outside. If I stayed in with him and watched his every move, I wouldn't get a single thing done. While I sit at the patio table working on columns and newsletter articles and whatnot, he sits beside me and wipes his wet snout on my pants and chews—on everything. Good puppy.

*UPDATE: I just found these at Amazon—refillable cups for Keurig. Genius.


savannah said...

i'm still happy with the $49 black and decker carafe coffee maker we bought last year. we've been doing test runs on coffee brands and found seattle's best #4 to be damn good coffee! bold and dark and a real kickstarter to the morning. good luck and happy tasting, sugar! xoxoxox

p.s. thanks for stopping by. much appreciated by all of us. xox


dive said...

Yay for cutie Baxter. When you look like that you can pee where you like and get away with it.

Those refillable cups look like a great idea, Robyn. If you want a nice cuppa and don't want the hassle of grinding your own beans every time I'd recommend Lavazza Qualita Oro. Stuff it in those refillable cups and enjoy.