Tuesday, September 20, 2011

International Women's Friendship Month

My weekly column was in yesterday's edition of Small Town Newspaper as always, but I was focused on introducing Baxter, so I didn't point to it. I'll do that now—

Here is my column about International Women's Friendship Month. It's more about my friendships, and not really anything about the fact a sorority started this focus a few years ago and how it has gone international. Who cares about them, really, and how the thing got started?

I have men friends who are as important to me as the women I love, and I can say just about the same thing about them as I can say about the women, but they don't fit into the category this month. Just so they know and don't feel slighted. Actually, that's not likely, is it? Women are always so concerned about how each other feels, but it seems to me most men wouldn't feel slighted at all.

And on a different note, here is the Baxter Photo of the Day. Yesterday was exhausting, trying to figure out the puppy thing, and by bedtime, he was as tired as we were.


savannah said...

good reading and very true about friendships, sugar! the words of 2 very good women friends sustained our family this past weekend even though the words were spoken over 20 years ago! xoxoxox

dive said...

An excellent piece, Robyn. Hoorah for International Women's Friendship Month.
I think you've finally discovered how to up your comments count: post puppy photos! Hee hee.