Monday, October 10, 2011

A Small Tribute the man who led the way for font geeks everywhere.

I am one of those font geeks, or at least I used to be. There was a time when I could spot a font on a bill board or on a package and name it within seconds, and WYSIWYG was my favorite tool of all the tools on my Big Mac. (If you don't know what WYSIWYG means, you aren't a font geek).

I am a little rusty with my font identification skills because I have been out of practice, but I love the shapes of letters and how they relate to each other, and I am fascinated with the history of font development and how personally some people take their fonts. There is a story floating around about a man who developed a font years and years ago, and it was so dear to him that when he quit using it, he threw the plates off of a bridge so that his creation would die with him. It's that serious.

So, here is my private tribute to Steve Jobs and how he effected fonts and font development and font geekdom forever.

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dive said...

One of your best pieces, Robyn. But then I'm a font geek and a (very) long time Apple freak so I may be a leetle biased.