Monday, November 28, 2011

Regis Philbin—Help In A Time of Need

Have I said how much I dislike daytime television? I really do. I'm even to the point of shrugging to CNN in the morning because the programming and the chatter doesn't inform or excite or entertain. Usually.

There was a time when I was in college, and the ABC soap lineup had me hooked, I confess. I would go home to visit my parents and would hope to sit down to some stupid story line on One Life to Live or General Hospital only discover my father had become attached to As the World Turns on another network. The burly man retired from his heavy construction carpenter work and soon began spending his time watching soap operas. I was stunned and a little saddened. Odd, I think, that my watching them didn't make me sad, but I hated that my father watched them, as if he was too good and purposeful for soaps, but I had nothing better to do and was more suited to them. I wasn't, but I didn't know that just yet.

Now, if I turn on the TV during the day, it's for background noise, and I go straight to Turner Classic Movies. If the movie is a dud, I'll switch to some other movie channel or National Geographic or a History Channel show about ancient Egyptian mysteries or Mayan prophecies. But then there is Regis Philbin.

I know. His morning show can be a drag, but his personality can make up for it. I have no opinion on Kelly Ripa; and Kathy Lee Gifford, for whatever reason, makes my skin crawl, but Regis and I go way back. Here's what I have to say about his recent retirement from his morning show, as it appears in today's issue of Small Town Newspaper.


dive said...

He sounds a hoot, Robyn. I wish we'd had people like him over here when I was younger.

Speedway said...

Hi, Robyn! I have trouble watching daytime TV, abhor the soaps, and will always watch Turner Classic Movies, particularly if they're showing a b/w detective movie from the fifties. Or Fred Astaire. Or Basil Rathbone.

If there isn't a movie I can stand, I'll turn to the Discovery Channel for Mythbusters or to NatGeo for Rocket City Rednecks - if I can't find an old Julia Child re-run. There's also been something about Vincent Dinofrio on Law & Order: Criminal Intent I've found fascinating.

Never watched Regis because I couldn't stand Kathy Lee. I found her creepy, too.

WV = angsting: Don't like daytime TV. Am I angsting over it? No.