Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back Home—I Might Be Easy to Please

Wow, I’ve taken more than a week off from blog writing. Did you miss me?

I was in Georgia until Monday afternoon, and from there, I hit the ground running (or walking with a bum knee, more like it) to finish the next issue of the orchestra newsletter, write a short press release and write a column for next week. I’ve also bought groceries, done laundry, cleaned a toilet or two, attended an orchestra board meeting, had drinks with a friend and tended to a newly neutered puppy. I have also cooked every night since I’ve been home—mussel and clams with pasta, roasted lamb chops, chicken pot pie. So, I haven’t had time to blog write. But, most of my tasks for this week are complete, and the puppy is quiet, so here I am. Clickety clackety. I mean that literally—Husband thinks I need a Mactop that has a quieter keyboard, but I find the sound of computer keys mechanically pleasing.

My visit to Georgia was a pleasant one. I stayed with my sister, sleeping in my mother’s old room there. Our mother lived there for about six months before moving to an assisted living facility, and most of her stuff is still there. Her photo albums, a life’s collection of neck scarves, her jewelry has been left in place so she can come back and get whatever she wants. So, I sometimes sat up at night and flipped through her old pictures.

I drove my sister and brother-in-law’s little red T-bird. It’s a two-seater convertible, but I kept the top up because it was chilly. And I drove on winding roads lined with tall trees covered in fall colors, with the blue sky as a backdrop. On one morning, I listened to a CD of songs my sister had gathered randomly from her iTunes, and Ray Charles sang “Georgia On My Mind” as if he were singing solely in honor of my visit.

I spent time at my mother’s assisted living place, playing Scrabble and meeting the other residents. My sisters and I helped her celebrate her 86th birthday by presenting her with a bulletin board, the kind upholstered in fabric and wrapped in ribbon to hold photos and cards and things. And I got to spend time with my nephew’s daughters, two great girls about 5 and 8 or 9. I washed the younger one’s hair and played with with the older one. They sat with me while I read Brer Rabbit stories and Winnie the Pooh, and we got silly with jokes—What do you call a witch who goes to the beach? A sand-wich.

It was all very nice, and I enjoyed every minute. But you know, I’ve basically enjoyed every minute since being home, too. I might be easy to please. Here, enjoy this:


Speedway said...

Welcome home, Scout - even though you were also at home with your mom and sister. I was lookin' for you, so I guess you could say I missed you.

WV = chair: Sit down a chat a while.

dive said...

Yes, we missed you like crazy.
Apart from "cleaned a toilet or two" every word of this post is a sheer delight so I don't think you're too easy to please; I think anyone would be more than happy to have shared all of that.