Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Full House

Usually when the girls come home for Christmas, they only stay a few days, or one will stay for the duration of her winter break while the other will come and go. This year, both girls are here for about a week and a half, the same week and a half. I normally have the house to myself, and I can keep it as tidy as I like, but I've happily given the place over and let them dump their crap wherever. And boy, do they have crap. There are coats on the dining table, dirty glasses on the kitchen counter and shoes just about everywhere. No, wait. Those are mine. I'm no good at putting my shoes away.

Here's No. 1 settling into her spot in the family room—books, laptop, iPod, shoes... Eustacia usually sits on the opposing couch with her own paraphernalia, and the puppy runs between the couches looking for and giving lots of attention. Here he is getting some from Eustacia:

There seems to always be someone making a sandwich or digging in the fridge for something. There is always noise. There is always something to sweep up or wipe off or fold or put away. This is not the house I have come to enjoy, but it's a house I thoroughly enjoy this holiday season. And I will miss my girls and their stuff when they leave.

Until then, we'll be spending New Year's at a resort in Pennsylvania being lazy and eating great food and going for walks in the woods.  We'll visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, take the dog for walks, and get gussied up for New Year's Eve dinner.

Here is what my family gave me for Christmas—the cross stitched chicken goes well on my kitchen cabinets with the other chickens, and the bath wash is intoxicating:

And here are the Uggs Husband gave me. I never want to take them off:

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dive said...

What a wonderful Christmas, Robyn!
I love your chicken butt (er … perhaps I could have worded that more gracefully).