Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's National Clean Off Your Desk Day

No, it's not really. That was Monday, but my weekly columns for Small Town Newspaper don't appear on Mondays anymore. They now appear on Thursdays, so I'm reworking my schedule and thinking in new terms. For two years, I have written with Mondays in mind—what happened on a particular Monday, what Monday holiday are we celebrating, and the like. It's a new day.

So, for this first new day with the new schedule, here is my column as written for Small Town Newspaper, the Thursday edition. It's about being messy and about how there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In my living room and kitchen, I'm pretty tidy. My bathroom, my side of the counter at least, is free and clear of debris. But my desk is my space and my space alone, and if I choose to spread out and be a mess, that's my business.

It's where I keep the things that belong solely to me. Not only are my music and knitting and a few recipes there, I have little toys—a miniature Etch-A-Sketch, some wooden thing-a-majigs, some colored markers, rejections from my attempts to find a literary agent are all at home there as well. It's a comfortable home, my messy desk. It needs no day for cleaning, I say.

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LeslieR said...

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