Tuesday, May 08, 2012

My Offspring—Wise Girl

I haven't had time to keep up with my blog. It isn't that I haven't had ten minutes here and there to write, it's that I haven't had ten minutes to think of something to say of any value. I could ramble on about my list of activities, and I've done that here before, but what's the point? So, I'm letting a little dust settle here in my tiny corner of Blogville.

If you happen to stop by before I come back in with a feather duster and sweep out the cobwebs, go visit my offspring, No. 1. She writes her own blog here at Ancora Imparo, and she's very wise. One reason I think she's wise is that she wasn't born knowing the things she writes or asking the questions she asks. She learns these things as she goes. She didn't just arrive at adulthood and stop learning because the bell rang, as many of us can do. She keeps learning.

Ancora Imparo. The Italian phrase means "Yet I still learn" or "Still I learn." Plenty of people have said this over the years, but Michelangelo is most often quoted as having declared it when well into his 80s. The same Michelangelo who gave us the Sistine Chapel and the Statue of David, who was architect and painter and sculptor and poet, kept learning, kept absorbing knowledge and kept questioning.

No. 1 is about to launch into the next phase of her life, leaving Berkeley for Austin, Texas where she'll be a grad student studying Arabic. Between here and there, she'll drive herself across country because she's an adult (I have to remind myself of that fact now and then), and she'll spend two months in Jordan. She'll learn plenty from those experiences before she settles in to learn plenty more in Austin. And I get the idea she'll keep learning no matter where she is or how old.

Here she is enjoying her final weeks in Berkeley with a girl I don't know. Honestly, I don't care who that other girl is because I'm focused on the one on the left, my beaming No. 1, my wise offspring.


MmeBenaut said...

Good for her ... a chip of the old block ... just sayin'
Such a pretty girl ... lovely photo.

Katie Martins said...

aww! I didn't see this till just now. Thanks for linking to my blog, I'm slowly trying to get more of a following...