Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A Real Good Day on Put-in-Bay

As I mentioned the other day, while the Witches and I were at Put-in-Bay, we sat through a set or two of Alex Bevan, a folk singer here who is beloved by all. Everyone says he's best known for his early hit "Skinny Little Boy from Cleveland, Ohio," but seriously the man is currently promoting his 26th album. He's no slacker, and does not rest on his laurels.

He's got at least one guitar in the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, runs a pickle and bread business with his wife and is an all-around talented guy. You can learn more about him and his music at his website.

And you can listen to him here being fun for us—don't mind the giggling and cackling in the background. I don't know who that is.



dive said...

Woohoo! Splendid country blues live from Put-in Bay, complete with witchy cackling. What more could anybody ask? A real good day on Put-in Bay.
By the way, I want the waiter's shirt.

dive said...

Oh, and by the way:

Margaritas all round, methinks.