Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Schneider Park Loop

Today, Baxter and I explored The Schneider Park Loop, my new go-to dog walking destination. A few days before we moved to North Canton, I was walking the dog at Small Town Park, where we had been going nearly every day, and I wondered where we would walk in the new town on the days I didn't feel like tracing the neighborhood on its sidewalks. The old park didn't have a trail, but I had put together a route using the parking lot, sidewalks and the road that lead to the pool. Well, Schneider Community Park is it, and it has an actual trail.

This park is relatively new and will be developed in stages throughout all of its 42 acres off of Schneider Street, thus the park name. At this stage, it has wild flowers, a playground, a sweet little picnic shelter area built by a Girl Scout troop, a rain garden, frisbee golf and a 4-acre dog park. The fenced-in marvel is divided into two sections, one for little dogs and one for big dogs like Baxter. Inside the fence are drinking fountains at dog-head height, benches, maneuvering games and lots of open space for running.

Around this whole thing is a trail, the Loop, that is 1.38 miles. It mostly looks like this:

The trail is made of fine gravel and is well-maintained. It's also mostly level, with the exception of a slight incline at the far west end. Once you get to the peak of the slight climb, you look to the left and see houses, and you look to the right and see this:

The trail doesn't feel nearly as woodsy and remote as the Hoover Trail, with fewer trees and a large landscaping business adjacent to the trail, but it's still a nice walk. And if it feels a little short, you can cross the road near the end and pick up the loop that encircles Glenn Oak High School or pick up the leg that goes to 55th Street.

This is Baxter obeying the dog-sized stop sign before turning back toward the car. The big guy may not always follow the rules, but at least he can read:

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dive said...

Those trails look great fun. Baxter must love his new home.