Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Walking Trails Price Park Edition

In an effort to get to know our new town as thoroughly as possible, Baxter and I paid a visit to Price Park today. It's a nice park on Maple Street with everything a park should have—a playground, a duck pond with the most aggressive ducks!, fishing, baseball, tennis, basketball, and picnic shelters. In the summer, the Canton Community Band performs there, and I have had the pleasure of playing with them a few times. But now that I live here, I can check out the entire 18 acres of Price Park.

The place also has a walking path, and that was the main purpose of our visit today. It's one mile long and was created in honor of Earl. L. Stockert, a local man who was an avid hiker, according to his obituary, and thus the marker at the beginning of the trail, "dedicated to his footprints through time":

When we arrived at the park, I looked for a no-pets sign among all the other signs about park hours and how you shouldn't swim in the duck pond, and no skateboarding. Seeing none, the dog and I went ahead on this cement path painted green. It mostly looks like this:

It's a cold day today, so there was no one else on the path except for an elderly woman who was sitting beside it on one of those walkers that converts into a seat. The park is filled with trees and benches donated by local businesses or by individuals in honor of deceased loved ones, and each monument has a plaque. The grounds are well maintained and nicely planned so that you aren't just walking in a circle. You're walking around things and over things like bridge that crosses a sweet, little creek.

I swear to you, it wasn't until we reached the far end of this path that I saw the first "no dogs" sign. Not just no dogs, but no dogs within 15 feet of the path. But what were we to do so far from the car? We kept walking and passed at least two other no-dogs signs, and I realized I would not be returning here for a walk with the dog.

I could go back without Baxter, I suppose, but the back side of this path is home to a large flock of Canada geese, and let me tell you a fact about those big birds you may not have heard—each one of them poops up to three pounds a day. And I believe each one of those Price Park geese poops directly on the walking path. Getting through the mess was like walking on hot coals, or how I would imagine that experience to be.

So, Price Park is lovely, and the play ground is nice, and the summer band concerts are a treat. But I will not be returning for a walk with or without the dog. I just thought you should know, in case you're looking for a walking path in North Canton, Ohio, too.

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dive said...

Hee hee. A lovely park, Robyn, but no fun without Baxter tagging along.