Thursday, June 11, 2015

Find Me On Etsy

Wow, this site feels like a favorite place to spend time, like a coffee shop I used to linger in with friends or that bench at the zoo where you can sit and still see the flamingos, all afternoon, if you'd like. I should come here more often, catch my breath, order an espresso, make origami with the table napkins while we chat.

For now, let me just say I have been busy making things—wine cork trinkets and shadow boxes, mostly. Here is what it all looks like. Go browse for a bit, and if something strikes your fancy, place an order.


savannah said...

your etsy site is lovely! as are your delightful creations. xoxoxo

vindiesel1245 said...

Thank you for the great articles. You did a great job putting them together.
But im just saying